What do you think ladies??


So i went to the doctor and was told my insurance doesn’t cover and iud. So now I’m trying to think of different ways to be able to go “no condom” but still be protected.

So I am on birth control(the pill) I’ll post a picture

I looked online and it says that it’s 99% effective if taken correctly. If it’s missed occasionally is 97% effective. So of course I’m scared of getting pregnant still so I was looking at other birth controls as well, to pair with the pill, and I found the sponge.

How effective do you ladies think the the pill and sponge will be together?

My SO says that the condom takes away a lot of sensitivity for him so I’m trying to change that while still being very protected.

I’d love some comments on what you ladies think or if you have other ideas. Please nothing rude❤️❤️ thanks ladies