Passive aggressive I think? Need advice


So I’m a 5 year teacher. 26 years old! I’ve always been kind to everyone around me. I was a special education for 3 years then taught 2nd grade. At the end of last year I was pulled by the principal and was asked was I interested in Kindergarten because they felt that my personality fit perfect with that grade level plus I had asked for kindergarten a couple years back! I said yes, and I was given a position. Unfortunately, I did not know that I was taking someone else’s position and that they would be moved to 1st grade. I thought I was being added to the team which happens frequently at my school because it’s huge (700 kids) and numbers fluctuate. A couple of the Kindergarten team members have been working together for the last 25 years and one for about 9 years together. When I found out, I immediately found the teacher and tried to hug her telling her that I was sorry for what happened even though it was not my fault. ( I have worked with all of these teachers for the last 5 years, especially in special ed when I had their students)! Ever since I have been given the cold shoulder by most of my team. I LOVE WHAT IM TEACHING and I genuinely feel happy in my position but my team does not work together and barely talks to each other. On half days or workdays , the team members go eat together along with the teacher that was moved to 1st grade. I feel so awkward when they are all in a group talking and I walk up or at staff meetings when they are all at a table along with the other teacher. I’m always smiling with my best attitude but when the other teacher is around they literally act like I don’t exist. In don’t let it get to me much but if I’m honest it hurts some. They are the type that you couldn’t talk to them about it. They would say one thing to your face and another behind your back..I’ve seen it first hand. Does anyone have experience with this? Or anyone thing I’m reading too much into it? You know as women we over analyze but my gut and vibes I get are usually right. I always kill with kindness but it does sting a little. 😐