MASTITIS — any advice welcome

HB • Alaskan mum

A couple nights ago, during the night I noticed pain in my breast. I figured it was a clog so my daughter nursed often on that side through the rest of the night and the following day. That was yesterday. The lump is large, the tenderness was bad, and I noticed it turn red.

Last night before bed, I took a hot shower, roughly massaged, pumped, massaged while pumping (my flanges are too large, it’s useless), a little bit of vibration and using a heating pad as a heat compress (nothing else was effective, including the diaper trick).The tenderness doesn’t feel as bad today. The redness is more pink. But there is still a massive clogged duct.

Throw anything at me, I’ll try it!

UPDATE: Thanks, ladies. ♥️ I’ve been staying on top of preventing it from getting worse and trying to clear the clog. It is much better today and seems to be flowing better than a couple days ago too.