39 week appt turned into triage visit


UPDATE: I’m being admitted! Dr sees no reason to send me home, fluid is low and my contractions are consistent. Feeling overwhelmed!!

Today was my 39 week appt. I’ve been having really bad period cramps all morning and had my bloody show as well so I told my husband to have his bag packed just in case. last week I was dilated to 2.5 cm, this week I’m at 3.5 so dr performed a membrane sweep and my cramping has been almost unbearable since. After my ob appt I had a NST and BPP. Baby passed NST but at BPP she showed low fluid and didn’t get any points for movement, so I was sent straight to the hospital for extended monitoring in triage. I’ve been here for an hour and I’ll be monitored for at least 3 more. They say they’ll check me and if nothing has changed I’ll be sent home but if I’ve dilated further they’ll admit me and I’ll be having my baby before I leave! Wish me luck!!