I shouldve been pregnant lol 😂 smh

Paige •

Well I lost my virginity Oct 25th and my partner and I since then we haven't really been preventing a baby but not really trying for one, but sometimes when we have sex we go rounds and he will obviously finish inside of me.. I'll sit there for a few mins before getting up and etc... two days in this fertile phase we has unprotected rounds of sex, then a day after ovulation as predicted by glow... and five days before fertile phase. is there something wrong with me ? lol or is it normal to not have been pregnant by now I'm so shocked 😂😂 because of the ridiculous amounts of sex and swimmers I've had lol I'm so lost. but my first time though I was six days late then started spotting and passing clots, but I had pregnancy symptoms that whole time and one faint positive test.