Sleep Issues. Help me, mamas!


Okay mamas, I could really use so help understanding whats happening with my girls sleep. She will be 9 months old on the 15th and for the last month she has really struggled with sleeping.

Before this she either slept all night, or would only wake once and was easily settled back to sleep. Nothing has changed in our night time routine; we still have bath time, a bottle, and then bed but now she will only stay asleep for 30 minutes if I’m lucky and then she’s up crying again. And now she absolutely will not settle unless she is upright with her head on my shoulder (she has never really liked being held this way in the past) This happens over and over all night long most nights.

I don’t think it’s reflux, as she doesn’t have any other symptoms and she has never had an issue with it before. And I don’t necessarily think it’s teething as she has already cut her bottom two teeth and they really didn’t seem to bother her at all.

I really am at my wits end though, y’all. This is so exhausting not knowing how to help her or understanding what’s wrong. She also wont let my husband calm her, she only wants me. Any and all advice is welcome. Please help this tired mama out!