3 to 4 weeks no sex B/c of IUD update


update** I went friday to get my strings cut, turns out theyre as short as can be, said she will try to to trim but tbh she said they are as short as can be so i kinda doubt it. any way. i literally just got dressed from trying to hace sex and what? still fucking feels them so i cried, im so over this non sense, anyone have this issue its so fucking upsetting :((( ****original post-> just wanted to vent, I had gotten the keylenna IUD birth control Sept 25th, got it checked to see if it was in place October 25th, from then to now I had sex 2 times, each time lasting about a minute or so because my partner says he feels a poke or sharp thing, I've googled and it says it takes time for the string to get softer, I have literally cried from no sex, I like to have sex at least every other day doesn't mean crazy sex just love some sex ! I ask everyday for us to please try again to see and nothing, he never wants to, and to make it even worse he hasn't even tried to finger me or eat me for pleasure, I've gotten played with maybe 2 times also. Seriously so lame and I can't even get him to do anything to me if I go down on him, which kills my mood. And to be honest I don't even want to try to please him anymore cause he doesn't try, and then says I make him feel bad since he doesn't want to try again, like almost a month I'm so sad and annoyed