New relationship


So I met this guy at my friends wedding.. He's literally everything I've ever imagined in a man. Got his stuff together, he's caring, so much fun, smart, sexy, just amazing.. When we initially started going out I asked why he'd stayed single so long after his ex & he basically said he just hadn't thought a relationship was all that important because of the work you have to put in (he was with his ex 7 years & she cheated on him). The this was back in August. He makes me feel like we are together, he introduced me to his mom last month. I just introduced him to my parents this past weekend. The thing that makes me wonder is when he introduces me to anyone he just says this is Whitney. Am I obsessing over the fact he hasn't said this is my girlfriend or what? The only reason I haven't brought it up to him yet is because I literally love everything else about us now and I don't want to ruin that. How long should you wait before you really need to know? I'm not necessarily dying to be in a relationship as my ex just broke up with me last May but I still wonder how he's feeling. Maybe that's what I ask? How does he feel about me? Idk what to do 😬