What is happening!


Okay so, I found out I was pregnant on the 26th of November, the next day I began to have some brown spotting until the 30th. I went to the doctor that days to get my blood test results back and I was told they were inconclusive and to wait a week to try again. That night the bleeding turned red, I was in no pain at all and passed no clots through this time. I bleed the same light to medium period like bleeding until the 8th of dec. it then decreased to brown spotting. today I went back to the doctors to get my results back, my levels had increased to 47 but according to my dates there should be near 500 at this point. (I was not told what they originally were) and I have no idea what to do. My doctor told me he didn’t want to send me for an ultrasound as in his opinion it would be to early to see anything. I now have to wait 2 WEEKS! To get more blood work done

I really don’t know what to do. Should I see a different doctor and try and get an ultrasound and a second opinion? 😫😫😫

I’m really concerned that something isn’t right in my body.

These are my original tests from when I found out at 4 weeks:

And this if from the Saturday that the bleeding returned to brown spotting

If you ladies have experienced anything like this please let me know. Really need some help 😂