First time drunk!!!

Rave • 18, hate doing exams

Ok so this isn’t very relevant but I wanted to share it because it was really funny and so many things happened. I’m 17 (the law here says that you can start drinking at 18, so it’s not that big of a difference) and so I went to a Christmas party, and I told my friend that I wanted to get drunk but that she had to help (cause I didn’t want to be like black out drunk lol). Anyway, I remember a couple of things but today at school I found out more that I don’t remember lololol. Apparently I asked a friend if he wanted to make out with me like 5 times (he declined THANK GOD) buuuuut I did make out with another friend (don’t really remember how it happened, I say it was just a little kiss but one of my friends says that it was way too long for that). Then I confessed to ANOTHER friend that I had a crush on him at the beginning of the year but he has a girlfriend sooooo yeah.... awkward!!! Then I started sending voice notes to like 5 different friends about loving life and pizza and what not.... annnnd last but not least..... I started preaching that Beyoncé wrote the bible and that I’m becky with the good hair (my name is Rebeca) and that I felt bad for cheating on her 😂😂😂 worst part is that I started telling the Beyoncé stuff and that men are assholes to the mom of the girl who hosted the party 😂😭 I seriously never want to see her again, she’ll remember me as the drunk girl who loves Beyoncé.... some pics to show my drunk ass

(I’m the girl who isn’t even looking at the camera lol)

Me photobombing while eating a pizza.

Hope you enjoyed this little story!