Ok so I have a part time nannying job. I can't loose it because I need it. However, I've been trying to find a full time position. I finally found a position that I'm passionate about, that's full time, AND they need immediate hire! •Problem is that my babysitting called me last minute and she needs me at 11:00am for a doctors appointment (she has an incurable illness). So I can't say no, not only because of that, but because I need the job. The job opportunity called also last minute and requested an interview at 11:00am. I asked for other times but the only other one was 3:00pm and I'll be in the middle of work. •So, I was planning on going into the office at 9:30am and explaining that something came up but I can interview now or reschedule. I REALLY want the job and want to look good. But I absolutely can't do anything to jeopardize my current job. Does that look bad? I mean, life situations happen and I'm going in instead of calling. Do you think it'll hurt my chances?