My baby!


If you believe in prayer please send one up for my fur baby! We just had to take her to doggy ER! 😭💗 she randomly started panting really bad and couldn’t hardly walk or jump on the couch or climb our stairs! She was pitiful! The vets think she has a blockage in her stomach! They are scoping her making sure everything is okay (she has had 2 stomach surgeries before) and going to release pressure in her stomach! Thanks everyone!

Update: my poor baby has a slipped disc (herniated disc) we don’t have great options. Option 1. She comes home and is crate bound. She can’t do any jumping, running, playing. We will have to pick her up for her to potty.

Option 2. She stays there for 2 weeks and she’s crate bound.

3. That’s no way for my baby to live. We visited her today and she was pitiful. My heart is breaking but I don’t want her to live this way. They said a lot of dogs don’t get their full potential back.

Please pray for me and my family. Lilly was the center of our family. She was more than a dog to us. We are praying for a miracle tonight!!