Updated • Advice to you young couples

Kellsie • thankful

Last year I made a post giving encouragement to young couples, high school relationships. Go to my page to find that! I got mostly support but one comment really killed the vibe. I had posted a picture of me and my SO, and a girl made the comment "you don't have your life together, you're not adults" I was 18, and he was 20. I wasn't upset, but I definitely wanted to post and update.

•• We're married now, with a place of our own. We have full time jobs, and we have a cat. ••

Young love needs to be boosted up and encouraged because you don't see young love now a days. Yes, I agree some relationships are best to not proceed with, but sometimes young relationships can continue to grow with love throughout the years. I was told constantly that I wouldn't get married to Michael, that we would be a couple weeks, couple months relationship. By my brother (he married us), by my child care teacher, and by specific people in his family. I just hate how close to none supported our relationship because they didn't think our young, inexperienced love was going to last. But I'm here to tell you it does.

I seen my childcare teacher one day, she came into my job to shop. She remembered me, but I don't know if she remembered telling me that I wouldn't marry Michael. When she came up to the cashier, I started a conversation and we were talking about how I had been doing out of high school, and I said "Michael and I got married back in August." I don't think she was shocked, but I love proving someone wrong. I hate being told I can't do something.

Here's a wedding photo, and our rotten cat, Phoebe.