Net Neutrality

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I know many of you are scrolling by my net neutrality posts because you don't think it's a big deal, but it is. It's a HUGE deal. And I will be as annoying as I have to be to get that understood. If net neutrality isn't saved, information and sites CAN AND WILL be blocked and censored. You'll have to pay extra fees for faster internet or to view certain things. Companies will be able to slow down internet speeds if you try to access websites that don't sponsor them and they can force you to update a package to get faster internet speed or more websites. This will impact how people find jobs, read newspapers, connect with their families, etc. It is entirely possible that your kid has to do homework online and you have to cough up an extra $30 so that schoolwork can actually be done. The internet is a utility and the FCC wants to monetize our need for it. Save net neutrality and stop the FCC, I can't express how important this is. I've posted links before on how to act and you should most definitely call and write Congress, be as annoying as possible, they need to fix this. (I took this from my Facebook post lol)

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