Am I pregnant?


Okay ladies so I'm really confused ... I am about 9 dpo. I took several ovulation tests and they all said I was ovulating so I know for sure that I am 9 dpo but I've had some spotting. It's light not like a period but heavier than a few drops. It's brown like old blood... I noticed it this afternoon and it has been consistent all day. I've never had spotting before a period before and it's a week before I'm supposed to start so I'm not sure if this is implantation bleeding or what... but another symptom i recently am having is all day I could eat and never feel full. This evening I ate mashed potatoes and corn and nearly cried because it tasted so good. 10 minutes later I ate a chicken wrap which I eat these all of the time but it tasted like garbage to me. On tv this guy was eating a steak and the combination of the smell from the chicken wrap and seeing the steak just made me hurl... I spent about 5 minutes puking... is this a sign of pregnancy? Or something else? The bleeding just seems so weird to me and I feel like it's too early to test for pregnancy.. I'm just so confused and could really use some help.