Praying for a Christmas miracle..

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This is my only place to talk “fertility” with any women. My kids and fiancé are my best friend. Lol

This month marks 6 months we’ve been trying to conceive,but I’ve been wanting a baby for almost three years now! Two months ago I was diagnosed with anovulation (Regular periods, just not releasing an egg). This month we started Femara. Even though I wasn’t releasing;I was still getting positive opks! This month I ran out of OPKs, so I just went in for a 21 day draw! Tomorrow we find out if the Femara worked and I actually ovulated.

Please say a prayer for us. I’ve grown so weary. I get depressed immediately seeing newborns and pregnant women.. I feel like a failure.

***Update 12-12-17***

Just called the dr for results. My progesterone was 1.5 😔

On to cycle 2 and upping my dose!

We’re already stressed with money because Christmas. 😭

Trying not to get discouraged!