Even the perfect relationship has problems


So lately my Boyfriend and I have been having trouble communicating, we’re both very stubborn and on top of that both have our different mental issues. He goes to therapy and I cope by writing. So because I’ve been so insecure about our relationship lately, mostly because he doesn’t really like talking about how he feels. I wrote a poem and thought, hey maybe I’ll share this one. So here it goes....

He looks at me with worried eyes

Trying his best to be unfazed

Worried of my emotional state

But also worried of lighting a spotlight on himself

He lies here

In this state of nature

never allowing to open up more than half the tuna can he calls his life

Always seems to feel the pain but never seems to acknowledge it enough

Never sees the beauty I see

in his mind he’s never more than just a psychopath

A beast

He often forgets of the prince that lies within

My night in shining armor

He relies more in his silver exterior

Forgets of the mind that controls it all

And he expects me to the same

But I

A flying creature

Admirer of all things horrifyingly human

Do not care much for the beautifully adorned body house

Instead I wish to tend to the mind

Help it fully open up the can

Even at the risk of cutting my finger tips on its pointy edges.

I love the complex

It is beautifully real

I do not run from what others fear

Instead I run towards it

Inspect the cadaver rotting in feels

Help it cope

Help him cope

Until his worried eyes no longer fear me

I will be there when it all make sense

I will be there when it doesn’t

All bandaged up

Like a worrier

I will fight his fears

And like a lover

He will wipe my tears

Tell me everything is okay

But I’m too stubborn to let go

So I’ll kick and I’ll scream

Until the Wonder Woman in me finally wins the war.