My son’s birth story.....


Tuesday 12/5/2017 I finished the majority of my daughters Christmas shopping. I spoke with my husband and said i think it would be safe to get that done JUST in case, i don’t want to have nothing bought especially for her should he come early.

I got home went to the bathroom and lost part of my mucus plug. No biggy. I read that can happen and be weeks later. Throughout the night i was very uncomfortable didn’t go to sleep until around 1 am just feeling blehhh.

I sleep in (8:30) Wednesday, woke up went to the bathroom wiped and there was mucus and blood. I called my mom because i wanted her to tell me its normal to have blood. She calmly said, “Jessica call your doctor, be on the safe side” so i did........

I called their office and told the nurse she said come in, when should we expect you.... i replied saying around “11:30 because it’s a 2.5 hr drive” her response was “oh dear lord i forgot, you need to drive safe but you need to get here ASAP.” I silently freaked thinking this was no false alarm.

We grab our bags, load the car seat and head that way at 9. An hour into our drive i started getting this feeling from my back wrapping around my stomach, i didn’t know what a contraction was so i just started timing them waiting for the feeling like i had to “poop” because i read that it’s pressure accompanied with a contraction if your in labor. They were every 4-5 minutes. About 45 minutes later they got stronger and closer together and i started feeling like i had to “poop” my husband flipped on the flashers and we finally made it to the Dr. office at about 11:45 where i sat in the waiting room until about 12:15ish.

The NP checked me, i had not ruptured but i was dialated to a 2 and i was VERY thinned out.

Mind you I’m only 33wks along..... doctor wanted to confirm. He was basically running out the door putting on his jacket saying go straight to the hospital I’ll meet you there we are going to stop it. NP gave me a shot to help his lungs & I️ left.

I made it to the ER checked in, in L &D; by 12:55p. The nurse checked me i was a 3. She said i could have the epidural. By 1:30 my water broke she checked me again & i was a 7, with tons of pressure. About 30 min later, I was in the middle of a contraction telling them my body is wanting to push and i said are we sure he’s not still breech? At that very moment about 30 nurses and the OR doc came out of nowhere. Did a sonogram and the doctor said “oh god that’s a butt, he’s in the birth canal frank breech” & I️ was fully dialated (coming out butt first) he handed me a shower cap thing to put on my head and told the team to get to the OR ASAP, I️ hear them all conversating saying “she can deliver him like this but we have to hurry, “ where’s her doctor, he’s not answering”. Among many other things. I was absolutely terrified as they were literally running me down the hallway on the bed. My husband right behind. They got me in OR, transferred me onto the table and my doctor ran through the door. I was put under general anesthesia and delivered my son at 2:24. He was wedged into the birth canal so he was left with bruising but appeared to be otherwise ok for so early.

He was

4lbs 13oz

17.5in long

My sweet boy is currently in NICU and making great progress. We are taking it day by day.

I did confirm my decision i will not be having anymore children. Although i remained calm throughout the entire ordeal it was a lot to take in and shocking. I still can’t believe it happened and what could have happened had i been on the side of the road trying to deliver a baby. Whew, gives me chills to even think about it.

Anyways so that’s my story sorry so long, i would share pictures but the wires & all the things on his face make me sad. I’ll update once he looses the accessories 😊