Skin/face care tips plz!


I’ve been stressing a lot more lately and my acne has started to get annoying, I wash my face about once a day with St Ives, i moisturize after my shower and before putting on makeup with Farsali gold elixir. I use blackhead strips on my nose but it just dries my nose up. And my blackheads literally come back within two days. I have blackheads surrounding my lip line too 😳😳

And underneath my chin, and I know popping your pimples is bad for your skin (or at least I’ve heard) but I swear I pop them and they’re just back the next day.

Plus, my pores on my cheeks are so huge.

I need tips please!! - Also, when I wear makeup I only do my eyes and use light blush/highlighter. I never use foundation and stuff like that. And I’m having moreso of a blackhead issue rather than acne