3 days late and 3 BFN’s!!!!


I usually have a regular 28 day cycle and AF always starts on time, like clock work. I’m officially 3 days late today. I’ve taken 3 pregnancy tests (one FR and and the others were a cheap .88 one from Walmart) and they’ve all come up negative. My boyfriend and I are not ttc but our only form of birth control is the withdrawal method so if I did end up pregnant, we would welcome our little miracle with open arms. Either way, not pregnant or pregnant, I would be happy. It’s the not knowing that frustrates me! I’ve also been feeling EXTREMELY nauseous but that’s my only symptom. Please tell me how long it took you to get a BFP so I can know if I should start buying more pregnancy tests or just forget about it and stock up on tampons while patiently waiting for AF To start 🙇🏾‍♀️. Any help would be appreciated and might even take my mind off of myself for a few days before I decide to test again.