Getting depressed and need some tips please

Maybe someone is like me and can help. Im 5 foot 7. Ive always been a size 9 even at my lowest weight. When I got Pregnant with my 1st I was 150lbs. After him I went down to 133lbs in just 6 months without doing anything. With my 2nd I gained 50lbs and lost it all in 9 months. I did exercise after his 1st birthday to tone up. I had my 3rd a year ago and only managed to lose 20lbs. I even started exercising as soon as I was healed. I currently weigh 150lbs and hate it. ive had csections so I have that stupid pouch. They made a new incision so I have 2 scars now. Please give me tips on how to lose weight. Im getting really discouraged especially since we're ttc again. Any tips pn exercises would be great. my problem areas are my thighs stomach and love handles!