Baby Name for a mixed-Latino child? Por favor 😁?

Maya • Mama of 1! So happy! Thank you, Jesus. ❤️

My baby is going to Polish (SO) and Hispanic (Me). I want to give the baby a Latino first name to represent my heritage. I need help finding the boy name. I am due in 7 days!

I was maybe 3 months pregnant when the paternal side of the family started telling me even before I even thought of a name: “No Spanish. Baby needs a strong Polish name!” “No Fernando or Pedro or Felipe!” I was immediately taken aback. I thought it was very rude and frankly none of their business. My mother-in-law invited me over a month later maybe to spend time and she ambushed me. She had invited her family over as well. She started asking me about the names. When I finally decided to say two boy and girl names I was thinking about so far...she immediately said, “Oh no.” I realized quickly where this was going I stopped talking. She had everyone tell me how bad the names were (a lot of them didn’t speak English so I just sat there looking at everyone while the “better” names were shouted at me. The Polish names. I got up and was going to ask my SO to take me home. She then went on to tell me how I shouldn’t pick the names and I should let her son do it! She called me selfish! I didn’t even say anything!

I decided after that, absolutely no more name talk. I was just so upset. I went to tell my mum about it later and my mother thought it was so crazy she was laughing. She didn’t believe it. I am still going to name my son or daughter a Latino name. My mum has been helping me find boy names and so far she has suggested Alejandro and Nicolas. I don’t think I’m a huge fan. I kind of like Mateo or Manuel with Manny as a nickname but kind of don’t lol. (My best friend suggested Immanuel because of the Bible and she knows we would like to have a nice cute biblical name if we can.) any suggestions? Please?