Feeling irritated......

So annoyed by my in laws!!!! They never ask how my baby girl is doing, or ask to see her... she’s 13 weeks old.

But then they go around telling people they hardly see her.. like it’s mine and my fiancé’s fault.

Like EXCUSE ME. I have a baby. I’m very busy with her.

It’s not my responsibility to go around and tell people to come visit my child.

And then they send me a message once in a blue moon demanding for a photo of her..... is it wrong that I don’t want to send them one??? They make no effort to see her. Why should they get a photo? They all live within 25 minutes of us.....

Rant over.

Thanks for listening lol!


We’ve told them on several occasions that they don’t need an invite. Just call or text whenever they want to see her. They are welcome anytime.