would you be mad?

I'm in an off and on relationship with a guy - we'll call him D - going on about 3 years. I'm in love with him but our timing is just never great and we're both focusing on school right now (both in nursing school). During one of our breakups, D started seeing someone else. When we recently got back together, he told me that he had fell in love with her more than he ever had with me and she had broke his heart. i was devastated hearing that he thought she was the "girl of his dreams" but we moved past it. This girl - we'll call her Jennifer - goes to school with me and I see her every single day. We had problems before I knew they had gone out and so when I heard about them seeing each other, I went to her to clear the air. She told me that she had no feelings for him whatsoever and was now in a relationship with somebody else...I told her that D meant a lot to me and was somebody I cared a lot about. After we talked, we were very friendly to each other for the rest of the semester, I helped her study etc...until D told me he had to confess something to me

D proceeds to tell me Jennifer messaged him weeks ago and was trying to "catch up". he swears that it was a one-time thing and that he didnt even answer but I'm not sure I believe him. Am I wrong to be mad??