TTC, false hopes , pre mama powder drink

Melissa • Mom of 3 , expecting baby #3 June 2019✨✨

So I BD in almost all my fertile days except the 5th, couldn’t wait so took a test on the 11th, was negative. I had taken that premama fertile drink powder on the 30th which was the start of my fertile window. I drank half the water with the powder mixed after reading the reviews saying that some people with very normal or regular cycles, like mine, it ruined there cycle, so now my concern is I won’t get my period on time and it’s going to ruin my TTC process, I know it was only half a packet but I don’t know how it may affect my cycle or not. So now I’m here 1 day till AF waiting to see if I get it or not. It would be great if I do get a BFP but I’m not counting on it because if this. :(

Also I have a short cycle as it is and I do use opks which I used and was fairly accurate to what it says in glow.