Top 3 Fav Animals Game


Super cute little “quiz/game” we did in one of my foreign language classes:

Pick your top three fav animals, in order, and why you like them! They can be anything so pick carefully!

Your reasons and the qualities you give these animals fits the response!

Then, your first fav animal is what you think of yourself, what you see in yourself, and how you want to be.

2nd: how others see you, their first impressions. Based on body language and general demeanor.

3rd: If you were born as an animal, this is the one you would be!

For example, mine are a tiger (beautiful, playful, strong, and vicious), a dolphin ( playful, bubbly, intelligent, communication skills, and innocent), and a sea otter ( same as dolphins, plus the thing about them falling asleep holding hands so they stay together.

Mine was pretty accurate, what about yours? What did you guys pick?