Why me???

1.2..3Mommy🤰🏾 • Pregnant with #3🤰🏾WHEWWW😫

..why did I have to get pregnant by a 🤬 dude that won’t even acknowledge when I need small things around the house done like the dayum trash. No we don’t live together. I have been screwing this 🤬for 6 years now and I’m almost 8 months pregnant with his first baby boy. This man is 48 and I am 27. I’m 🤬 beautiful smart and independent wtf do I need to keep sitting around putting myself through this 🤬 I see all you women posting hubby did this for me and that for me while pregnant..I’m not jealous just reminds me of why I shouldn’t keep wasting my hopes and dreams on this lousy piece of human tissue. I’m beyond exhausted from all his promises, excuses and lies. I can’t see anything positive from it and please don’t say oh you have a baby 🤬that because I dread a baby being born into this 🤬my son does not deserve this y’all I’m losing my patience and love for this 🤬hole