1 hour labor, 1 push


Welcome to the world Luca John. Born 12/13, 9lbs 9oz, 21 inches long, all natural birth.

Contractions started at 1am, about every 15 minutes or more. I didn't think too much of it because I had been having contractions on and off for the past few weeks. They went away around 3am and I got some rest. When I got up in the morning to get my two other kiddos ready for school the contractions came back and were a bit more intense. I had to breath through them; however still 15 to 20 min apart.

My hubby went to work and my mom was "too nervous" to stay at home, so we went through McDonald's for some breakfast and coffee, then sat in the car in the parking lot of the hospital. I continued to time the contractions which were now 10 minutes apart. I tried to enjoy my coffee in between contractions.

Then I timed a contraction that was 6 min from the last. Then I timed one that was 4 min from the last. I then told my mom we should head inside. We let my husband know and then headed in. We got into triage and I let them know it won't be long! Of course they take their time. I change and they check me - 5cm dilated. They got me a wheel chair to bring me to a delivery room. I could barely sit in it.

I crawled into bed and reminded them it wouldn't be long. The nurse was trying to get an iv in because I had tested positive for group b and they wanted to get the antibiotics in. They poked me three times with no success. They checked me again - 8cm, 100% effaced. At this point I wasn't verbal anymore. Hubby was still not there. Doctor was not there.

"He's coming now" I screamed. The nurses prepared and just as the head was coming out the doctor was in the room helping. I didn't push the head out, it came out with a strong contraction. It was at that point they said "give a push to get the shoulders out". I didn't really have a desire to push but did anyway because I wanted to be done.

One push and my baby boy was born. They put him on me immediately and it was fabulous.

Hubby was still not there.

After a few minutes they allowed me to cut the umbilical cord. Just after my hubby arrives. They stitch me up and it's all over.

My little boy has already stolen my heart!