Had a dream...

hello ladies!!! I had a dream tonight that I got a BFP. I am and forever will be a POAS addict. I also ran out of first response tests. All week I took tests. BFN. Wednesday I took a test with an easy at home. This was the result.

I saw a super super faint line. I didn’t get my hopes up.

Fast forward to this morning at 5:15 am. Last night I had a dream that I took a FR test and two lines popped up right away. I jumped out bed. Quietly bc my Husband is sleeping.... I took the test and this was the result

Please pray and wish me good vibes and a sticky baby. This is my second pregnancy. First baby. I’ve also never gotten a line that dark on a test!!!

Also will make hubby look for it when he wakes up...

My Christmas Miracle.