Idk what to do

This guy and i have been getting closer and kind of have a thing going on. Yesterday we went on our first official date, it went great. Basketball game, he took me out for drinks everything. At the end of the night he’s dropping me off at my house, and so we get to kissing and talking in the car, he tells me how I’m different and how he likes me etc. This is where I️ mess it up tho. His name sounds realllly familiar to a close guy friend of mines. (I was a bit drunk) and so i accidentally called him my friends name after we kissed. He got really upset but tried keeping his cool and just kind of pushed me away. I sent him a msg apologizing and thanking him for the night. I have no feelings towards my guy friend, none, it was just a mess up on words. Idk what to do, i guess there’s not much but I️m just sad i ruined such a good night