hyperemesis gravidarum

Michaela • Mama to Charlotte Rose 7.30.18💛 👧🏼 Chloe Evelyn 👧🏻 Caroline June 👧🏼11.05.20

I knew something was off when I couldn’t keep anything down not even liquids for almost a week . I felt absolutely terrible . I’m pretty sure I threw up my stomach lining 10+ times . Had to go to the hospital and get two fluid iv’s and had they had me sipping on fluids . Turns out I was extremely dehydrated and I don’t have regular morning sickness. I have hyperemesis gravidarum. Which is severe morning sickness . They gave me Zofran in my iv and it worked for 30 minutes then i was sick again . So they have me something else and it worked wonders .

Trust your bodies y’all . Finally able to keep stuff down .