Loosing My Virginity


My Name Is Rina And Im 13. I Lost My Older Brother 3 Years Ago By Commiting Suicide. And I've Been A Total Wreck. I've Been Dealing With Boy Trouble And Smoking From Time To Time. Until One Day I Wanted To Have Sex With This Boy When I Was 12 And We Try To Do It But He Just Couldn't Get It In Me . So We Just Kissed And Stuff. So I Guess That Really Didn't Count Loosing Your Virginity. But I Tried To Do It Again Which I Really Lost It With A Different Person. So Rumors Know That I Had Lost My Virginity With The First Person But Don't Really Know My Story. So I'm Trying To Say My Life Hasn't Been Perfect And I'm A Christian. But The Lord Has Forgiven Me And Im Trying To Change.