Potential boyfriend moving to Australia 😔

Hi all!

Bit of a long winded scenario... a guy I’ve been involved with for about a year has been successful in getting a job in Australia for the next 2 years. We live in the uk.

We’re in this awkward situation whereby we’ve been seeing each other since last year, going on dates, hanging out, going on holidays together, talking all day every day and really falling for each other. Spending a lot of time together but I left in October to go travelling for 5 months so both of us agreed back in March when I booked it not to get into anything too serious because I was leaving and he wanted to go back to Australia and do a year or 2 out there (he did a placement year out there when he was 21 and always wanted to go back)

While I’ve been away he’s been offered a job to work in Melbourne for 2 years meaning he will be leaving end of January 2018.

I have always said I’ve wanted to do a stint of living out there, but I’m also now reluctant to as don’t want it to look like I am just doing it to follow him. And of course need to make the decision to do it for myself and nothing else in that decision.

I’m trying to get my head round the fact he will be leaving in jan and that might be it for 2 years (maybe more if he decides he wants to stay out there) and I’m really struggling 😔

I feel a little lost with what to do for myself whether to stay here and just settle into my life or whether to bite the bullet and go and do Australia which I’ve often thought about but just never got round to. With the added bonus that I could potentially see him.

He said for him it’s all about timing and that he’s certain if we are meant to be we will be when he comes back, but I don’t know if I’m happy to just leave something like this just up to chance?

Feeling totally lost at the moment! 😔