Stress!!! I don’t know what to do! Help!

What I’m going through is all my fault no doubts about it. Alright so 3 months ago my bf and I got into a huge argument and he was leaving with me that time with my parents. He said some mean things so I kicked him out. When my mom got home I told her what happen and she started to hate him. Alright so after a few days he kept trying and trying, he apologized he said he shouldn’t have acted like that and so on so we gave it another shot. My mom was not happy at all whatsoever. She talked shit about him all the time, we all work together at a restaurant and they all say shit and start drama all the damn time. People were telling my mom that he took cocaine and that he was gay and so on she would tell me and would just be so disrespectful to him called him an asshole, called him gay, useless ect. He bit his tongue through it all, he never said anything about her or nothing. I knew since she had no reason to hate him she was going to get over it at some point. Well one day my mother texted him saying that he should help me with my car since he uses it too. And told him not to answer that I was going to talk to her. She neeeded to leave us alone and not get involved. Well the next day he went off and said some shit to my mom and was just disrespectful. I told him not to ever talk to me again cause at the end of the day if he loved me he would’ve known that by saying all that to my there was no way we could ever work out cause my mom would actually have a reason to hate him. Alright I blocked him on everything but he keeps trying. He tells me that he don’t want to loose me, and what he did was stupid and he wants us to work and he wants to talk to my mom so they can on the same page. My mom just keeps telling that I’ll be the stupidest person if I ever went to him that she has no idea how I could love him and that I need help, that he’s bad so on. She’s just trying to protect me. I’m in a constant battle of wtf I should do.. I need some advice. Idk if I should just make my mom happy. Or should I risk it with the guy I truly thinks loves me. Now Ive done my wrongs in the relationship too. I’ve had lunch with my ex and he found out and I lied about it but then came clean and he still forgave me. My mom thinks I did nothing bad and that he’s just overreacting to make me feel like a horrible person. He’s moved on from it already. But I really don’t know what to do.