Ttc/ positive pregnancy tests.


*possible trigger ⚠️ *So I had my first positive pregnancy test last Friday. I had a little bit of brown discharge and went in on Monday and dr told me it was implantation bleeding and he checked my uterus. He requested an ultrasound 2-3 days after that so scheduled one for yesterday. I went in and the technician couldn’t find anything on the transvaginal ultrasound and said that l “may have already miscarried”— like she was expecting me to come in and have miscarried, not to confirm a pregnancy. Going off the date of my last period, nov 1, it would have put me at 5 weeks 5 days yesterday. The first test I got back positive had a faint line. I took another today and it came back darker than ever. Has anyone gone through this before? I think I might have ovulated later than I thought and might be earlier than I think. I had no symptoms of a miscarriage and it really ticked me off that the tech would tell me that I could have had a miscarriage just because she couldn’t find the sac yet.

⬇️ this bottom pic was 10 min ago