I’ve been taking OPKs since since the 25th of November because it seems as if we ALWAYS miss when I ovulate. My lines got darker but not dark enough and then they started to lighten up so I knew for sure we had to have missed it again. I decide to buy the Clearblue Advanced Digital tests since they detect 4 days instead of just two! I bought the 10pk and used the last one on the 13th. The whole time I kept getting the flashing smiley meaning high fertility but still no peak. The instructions said to stop using them if you get 8 flashing smileys for you probably wont see peak unless you’re testing to early. I didn’t take a test on the 14th. On the 15th I texted my husband go buy some more dollar test just so I can be sure! I took one yesterday and two today & FINALLLY!!!!!!!! I’m about to ovulate! Hoping we get it right tonight since my husband leaves out of town for a week tomorrow! Baby dust to everyone trying !