Calm Pregnancy hormones / Abusive situation

I read progesterone can make some women insanely calm during pregnancy. I am definitely feeling it!! I have put up with so much shit from my man. I became pregnant after I asked him to move out. Our mutual friend tried to talk us into working it out and I gave him another shot. I literally had to stay at my father’s place with my animals, because he’d sit in a quiet room sharpening a knife and he beat MY dog outside screaming he loved that shit. Our roommate gave me updates when I was away, he thought he was a psycho.

My family is worried about both of us. I’m about to have this baby in a week or two. My man is literally losing his mind over this baby and court. He may be facing a few years of prison time in January. Hopefully I can keep this baby in until January.

He’s mentally abusive and our pastor told him, “Do you see why she is stressed? The relationship could be dead. Just try to see if the spark is at all still there.” Things got better, I moved back in since it’s MY house. It’s getting really bad again. I went to a domestic violence place. They were confused as to why I didn’t want to move out when I don’t feel safe. I want this bum gone. I’m letting him name our daughter, but that’s about all I want him to do with her. He talks so positively about “its about taking care of your wife first, so the child will have a wonderful life.” Then once the people are gone, he’s drinking and driving recklessly to scare the shit out of me.

How do I get him out? My father is elderly I can’t ask him. I don’t want the police involved, because he says he’ll kill himself if cops come or if the animal control people take our dog away. He will do it too... that’s why we started talking to his pastor. His parents say I can leave him, but they want time with me and the baby every so often. He’s LITERALLY scared all our friends away at this point. The roommate is in and out traveling for work too often to help.

I can’t leave to a shelter, because I have my pets and he FUCKED my money up by having me pay for bills to keep MY house the last few months while he was going nuts. “Be a SAHM you’ll love it, ive got it covered.” He makes over $4g a month and wouldn’t pay for shit. He won’t leave because his family lives across the US and they don’t want to see him or help him.

TL:DR - These pregnancy hormones have gotten me so chilled out, I can’t even begin to get this asshole out myself, I could pop any day now. My pregnancy brain is so bad right now! Help please advice?