Labor pains or false labor??


UPDATE: I went in and it started to get worse. Turns out I was having contractions and when I got checked last week I wasn't dilated or anything. She just checked me and I'm now 1 1/2 cm and she said that I'm thinning and she could feel baby's head. But they are worried because my blood pressure is high and won't go down.

Okay ladies! I'm 35w 6d and yesterday and last night I was having cramps but not like intense. So I just brushed it off. Drank more water and rested like my dr said. Well I woke up this morning to some pretty painful cramps and my back was hurting so bad. So I stated timing them and they aren't like super consistent but they are about 10 minutes apart and lasting about 50 sec to 1 min and 20 seconds long. Could this just be false labor? I know it's not Braxton hicks cause I've been getting those for weeks now. This is like menstrual cramps that go from my back up my stomach. Any advise would be appreciated!!!