Why do so many people on this app tear other women down?

I have been on this app for a long time through my journey of trying for a baby. It used to be such a supportive place where people having emotional days, that are scared, and are just frustrated with the process could voice this and people would support each other. A place where women who were lucky enough to be successful can celebrate with a group of women who know what that BFP actually means to us. And a place where when something bad happens ypu had a group of people to talk to and be consoled by. This year though it has become a much less friendly place. So many posts have responses that are rude, uncalled for, or just vicious. Why do people feel the need to bring others down, call them names, attack their ideas, and just in general be so mean. Maybe I'm just getting tired or people are getting meaner but my hope for their holiday season is this app can go back to being the safe place it used to be for women who need a community. If you don't have anything nice to say, just don't post a reply and move on. We all need to support each other and build each other up. We are all so different but that doesn't mean we can't respect each other. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!