Low sex drive. Is this common?

Hey everyone!!

I am just curious if anyone else has this problem. I have a super low sex drive and never feel like having sex with my husband. We do but it’s more for him than myself and when we are having sex I don’t feel much pleasure from penetration.

Also sex many times seems to hurt for the first couple minutes and I will bleed lightly after (I think it is because I’m not lubricating enough naturally). We have tried longer foreplay, more lubrication, different positions and nothing seems to really get me into the mood like I feel it should. I’ve never felt “turned on” during sex.

It’s not that I mind having sex but it feels a lot more like a chore because I have such a low sex drive. Also it makes me very sad that I feel that way. I really want to enjoy having sex like everyone else but I just can’t seem to and haven’t found anything that has worked for me. :( I really don’t want this problem to hurt my marriage either. :(