Getting down about unexplained infertility

Halcyon Dayz

I have been trying for over a year now to get pregnant with no luck!

I know this is not long compared to some people but it's the not knowing why that is becoming the issue.

We visited the doctor when it had been one year and my husband had a sperm analysis done which came back excellent, they said he has a very high sperm count in fact almost double the average and good motility and morphology.

I have regular 28-29 day cycles and have positive ovulation test around CD16.

I had blood test done and all test came back normal. Had my progesterone, oestrogen, tests for PCOS etc and no issues.

We have regular sex especially around ovulation but still nothing!!

We have a fertility clinic appointment next month after being referred but I don't understand what can be wrong if everything is normal!!!!

I'm getting quite down about it all and feel like it should happen for us and that I'm failing as a wife and a woman by not being able to get pregnant.

I also would like 2-3 children and feel like if it doesn't happen soon it could be too late to have them.

I am 30 in 6 months.

Anyone else in the same boat ???