Terrible at making friends..

I'm really anti social. I'm 21 and married and I really like not being social. I really just don't like people... every girl I've ever been friends with bring so much drama I just can't. I HATE drama. I'm really good at making guy friends but their wives/girlfriends always get offended by our friendships and eventually we stop talking. Which I don't blame the girls I guess.. 2 of the guys I've been VERY good close friends with I would talk to at any hour of the day/night and sometimes for hours. My husband was okay with this because both guys was his close friends too. The friendships never went inappropriate. . but I can see why the girls could assume. ANYWAYS.. even though I like not having friends and not deal with drama.. it would kind of be nice to have a friend to talk to. My husband works 12 hours a day 6 days a week. Life gets lonely. Hobbies and jobs only do do much. Can anyone relate? You want friends..but don't want them at the same time? or am I a freak and alone lol