What’s wrong with me...


Alrighty so where do I begin... about a week or so ago I went to the immediate care place near my house for something totally unrelated to any female reproductive issues. While I was there I mentioned having pain on my sides whenever I pressed down. They did a urine analysis on me & it came back saying I had blood in my urine, sugar, proteins, & a few other things. (I haven’t been to my actual doctor yet about any of that, trying to find a new one) Anyway, so they also ran cultures and just yesterday called and said I had bacteria in my urine also. They didn’t say what kind idk if that matters. And that it could be a UTI. I’ve also had small aches in my back if that matters.

Okay so today, I woke up fine. Feeling great. Then I started having these awful cramps throughout my abdomen. I honestly thought I had an upset stomach. But I was wrong. It felt like period cramps. However my period isn’t due for about 8 ish days. And all day I’ve felt so weird down there? And it hurts so bad when I cough or laugh down there. Almost like pressure? I’m not pregnant, I know for sure. If so I’d be 5 months so that’s a definite no. And I’ve ovulated already too. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

I know none of you are doctors & can help me though a phone but if any one has any advice on what to do, it’d be very helpful.