Dad found my pregnancy test

hey girls I’m 17, I had sex about a couple months ago and my first period was 3 days late and very light so I thought it was spotting so after that period about 2 weeks from today I took another test to make sure and it said negative and I waited for my next period to come, (which started today FYI) and I had that test hidden in my car bcc I couldn’t find a good place to throw it away without getting caught. My dad took my car today and put air in my tires and took it to the bank, and was looking for something and found it. Told my mom and I didn’t know until tonight but he found it in the morning. My mom brought it up and we talked kinda I was just upset because I thought he was snooping. My mom brought it up and we all talked they said they aren’t upset they understand stuff happens especially at a young age, they just want me to be safe and respect myself. And my dad said he didn’t want to find it or mean to and he’s sorry that he did and he’s sorry if I feel like he broke my trust. Things went better then expected but I feel just a little awkward now. any relating stories to help or any advice or just words?