driving myself loony


I'm now only 2 dpo (accoding to glow) We have been TTC for 6 years. I've recently relaxed about it. This cycle we were able to BD every other day. Normally we miss a day or my cycle was off so we didn't do it on the right days. Anyway this time we did. I assumed I'd be crazy this TWW BUT I never expected this. On the day I was expected to ovulate I got sore throat. Next day I have a Really sore throat, Nausea and body aches, head ache and sometimes a cough other times a runny nose. Really tired all day. I have become a mouth breather even though my nose isn't stuffy (my brain must think it is), can't sleep because I have to pee every hour, and really bad indigestion, bloated, brain fog...

I would think I'm sick, a normal person would think sick...but I'm never sick. No my brain is screaming, "maybe you are pregnant" IT isn't even possible to have symptoms this early!

We are on vacation and I really want to enjoy vacation but I'm too scared to take any medicine attempting to relieve the cold and flu aspects.

I just recently have heard of so many women who had cold and flu like stuff as their earliest pregnancy symptoms.

I'm driving myself so crazy here!