Nice mil

I really like my MIL but my SO has been saying he wants to just stay home for Xmas. We have no kids and have no plans on it. His mom called me last night and said she’s making her famous holiday dinner. (I get to bring back lots of food too.) and I told her that her son has plans on just staying home. She got so sad and upset and said no way. How you guys staying alone for Christmas. I said it’s not my idea I’d love to come. She said well come without him and he’ll come to his senses and show up. I told my SO and he said why would I go without him. I said to talk, hang out, listen to music, have some great home cooking and share Xmas memories. We woke up and he’s still in bed watching Netflix. I feel like telling his Mom to call him and see if he can change his mind. I don’t want to argue on Xmas <a href="">Eve</a>. What should I do? I want to go but don’t want things to get weird. More then they already are. I hope my MIL doesn’t think this is all my idea. Any advice? Thanks