READ THIS if you think you may be pregnant but are only getting Negatives

This is a bit of my story combined with urging you ladies to not be too scared to go to the doctor.

Let's're 4 days late but are getting negatives on pregnancy tests.

Usually the HPT don't show the HCG levels to determine pregnancy or not aren't even high enough yet until the week after your missed period. If you wait a week and you're still getting negatives get a blood test done by your doctor. Please. I made the mistake of not going to the doctor for a blood test (because the same thing happened to me) and I just figured well I'm not pregnant. I was. I miscarried three days ago, at 12 weeks along. I went to my OBGYN and they could tell right away that I had been pregnant, that it was a complete miscarriage, and a lot of other things too. If you go to any doctor about possible pregnancy I recommend seeing an OBGYN doctor and request a sonogram or blood test.