UPDATE Kinda irritated...

So tonight was my SO's christmas thing for his mom's side of the family. I have a 11 week old baby and I EBF. I guess I was blissfully unaware of the issue I was causing by nursing my little girl at their party, as just a moment ago while we were in bed my SO made the remark that I shouldn't nurse in front of his cousin's husband. I didn't have my boobs hung out (my mom actually got me an awesome cover as an early christmas gift, on top of having smaller than average knockers) and I sat in literally the same fucking spot the entire 4 hours we were there. Not once did I see any of his male relatives paying me any attention the couple times I fed her, but his cousin and great aunt will give me sideways glances. Well I flat out told him if I have to hide to feed her around his family, they just won't see her until she's weaned. Why would I go somewhere that I'm shunned like a lepper over the way I feed my baby?! He then proceeds to get pissy with me. Like there's no reason for me to bring her over there if I'm gonna have to hide in the bathroom for 45 minutes every hour with her, they always have functions at her fussy time of the day and she is only comforted by nursing then. Am I wrong for being irritated? My family has never had issues with people breastfeeding so this is a whole new experience for me, like how do I even handle this now?


Thank y'all for the kind words, it makes me feel like my feelings are validated. My mom and midwife had to stand up for me a couple times in the beginning. His mom and brother came to the hospital after she was born and tried to get offended at me not stopping or covering myself while I was still in the labor and delivery room, my mom (I love her) told them they could get out if they didn't want to see it (I was still being monitored for seizures, so I couldn't have cared less a out modesty) 😂 I'm a very modest woman, I only nurse uncovered while in my own home without guests, so it kinda threw me for a loop when he got bent out of shape at me last night. Trust me when I say I'm sticking to my guns, I haven't worked so hard to establish a great latch and supply just to say "fuck it" because of his family.