my daughter is 2 and is the queen of tantrums and i think it’s getting worse. she throws a tantrum 60% of the time when she’s not given what she wants. so like usually i can calm her down but majority of the time she screams bloody murder, throws herself on the ground, produces real tears and boogers for this act. her tears are fake 99% of the time but people who don’t know her think it’s real. i end up looking crazy in public, especially when i go out with my family. i’m to the point where i don’t know what to do. i’ve tried calmly asking her what’s wrong and she’ll just scream at me and say “no”. i’ve tried the hugging her until she calms down. i’ve tried the taking her to the bathroom and giving her a spank here and there. absolutely nothing work i really just have to let her finish her tantrum. i feel embarrassed because i’m just standing there. i don’t know what to do anymore. i believe in discipline when necessary but i also don’t want my child to be scared of me. i want her to listen to me and respect me. i’m about to lose it. and on top of everything i’m stressed or about our bills since we only have one income now that when she throws her tantrums, that’s the last thing i want to think of. i’ve been feeling like a horrible parent lately. i just need help.