My boyfriends family is a nightmare


I’ve met my boyfriends parents briefly from time to time out of the six months we’ve been dating, and they’ve always been so kind! I was unable to travel back to the states to visit my own family for Hanukkah, so his mom offered that I can spend Christmas with them. It’s an incredibly sweet gesture, and I’m grateful! Although, when I arrived, we began talking and his family didn’t know I was Jewish ?? which is fine, except they suddenly became nasty and mean. Their response was “oh you’re one of those Jews? Why are you here then? We don’t do that in our house and we’re not going to change everything for you.” which I never asked them to ??? but this was amongst other things as well. They made assumptions about what I practice, what my communities morals are, stereotypes, giving me glares, and not letting me participate or enjoy ANY Christmas traditions because “it’s not for my kind”. His aunt even made a comment about how weird it was that I could be mixed and Jewish! I didn’t even know this kind of prejudice still existed like what ?!?! I later pulled my boyfriend aside hoping he could maybe say something, and he’s so whipped on his parents, he told me to just ignore it, and not rock the boat. I feel out of place, a bit worn down, and I’m about two seconds from storming out!!